This page is designed for the use of – and to support – journalists, writers, bloggers, event bookers and influencers who wish to engage positively with Louise Hunt Skelley PLY. 

Louise is media-friendly and is open to approaches from the media, to speaking opportunities (for a fee), or to podcast or YouTube interviews both to raise her own profile but also the profiles of those organisations she supports and the causes which are close to her heart.

As an ambassador and supporter of several charitable organisations, Louise believes in giving back within her community, her sport and she is willing to share her expertise and her experiences. 

We welcome any member of the media to seek out our expertise, comment or engagement around Louise, her personal story, her views around inclusion and diversity both in sport, in business and in every day life.

She will always be willing to help and she appreciates the needs of the media and the pressure of deadlines and the speed of breaking stories. 

If you need more information or would like to talk to Louise please contact her media and speaker representative Fiona Scott on 07789 270030 or email

For any out of hours requests, please text Fiona with your brief and your deadline and she will endeavour to get back to you in a timely manner.