Louise works as a consultant, offering advice on a variety of topics including effective teamwork, time management, resilience, disability, diversity and inclusion. In the past she has worked with disability organisations, and with companies to ensure their premises are set up to provide appropriate accessibility requirements and needs for disabled customers and employees.

As a motivational speaker, she has a huge range of experience of presenting at a range of events, of any size, and can easily tailor her talks and sessions to suit any audience, ensuring she incorporates key messages. Louise can share her journey, speaking honestly about mental health and overcoming barriers means she can talk about EDI from a very personal perspective.

She is passionate about inclusive language being used correctly and believes everyone has the ability to achieve with the right attitude and work ethic. Also, Louise can talk about diversity and inclusion in sports and in the workplace.


Louise has modelled during London Fashion week, at the London Represents and London Organic fashion show. 

London Organic is a fashion & beauty house celebrating the best of London Fashion. Their core values are Inclusivity & Diversity making exclusive fashion events accessible and making high-quality organic Beauty available.

Panel Hosting

Louise’s extensive experience in public speaking and working with people has seen her undertake the role of panel hosting at different events, such as London Fashion week. In this role, Louise undertakes the responsibility of facilitating discussion to industry experts, ensuring key messages and the specific topics/interests of the audience are highlighted during discussions. 

Building Bridges

Louise can deliver bespoke inclusivity workshops to highlight the benefits of hiring staff with disabilities and other protective characteristics alongside HR expert, Rachel Weaven.

Although inclusivity has been high on most company’s HR agenda in recent years, the language is always evolving, the way people live and identify is evolving, and companies need to be mindful of keeping up with what is a huge and ever-changing area.

These workshops aim to help people understand the benefits of hiring people with ‘protected characteristics’ – such as age, disability, religion – and what they can do to support them and help them to access opportunities.

Rachel and Louise take a proactive approach to inclusivity, focusing on more than the legislation, and are really passionate about promoting the benefits of inclusivity in a fun and engaging way. Rachel has a history working in HR for different companies, she likes to make it cooler and less stigmatised for them to understand the benefits of hiring people with protected characteristics. For Her to combine her skills with Louise just made sense as they both have equal passion to help people embrace others for their different characteristics which, they believe, actually will make them powerful and valuable employees.

Rachel brings her HR experience while Louise brings her lived experiences of disability and the stigma around it to these consultations and workshops. They can talk about disability and the reasonable adjustments that need to be made, and why it’s not something to worry about. Often the most simple changes can support a disabled employee to do their job with excellence. 

Rachel and Louise guarantee to provide a safe space, an environment where people can ask questions that they may normally be afraid of or discuss concerns around these areas. The main mission of these workshops is to demonstrate why hiring people with protected characteristics will make a positive impact to any business and why they don’t need to fear it.