Really good short workshop on Tuesday night with Rachel Weaven and Louise Hunt Skelley PLY. Would highly recommend them for any workplace looking at their DE&l strategy It can sometimes be a difficult topic to address but Rachel and Louise lay out ways in which to educate in a fun, interactive and safe (confidential) environment.
Adam Wood
HR Business Partner At Torin-Sifan

Exemplary Leadership: Louise Hunt Skelly’s Inspiring Influence at the Great British Expo

It’s always a pleasure to meet someone as inspiring as Louise Hunt Skelley PLY and her husband Chris. Yesterday Louise was one of the keynote speakers at the Great British Expo in Bristol and we were fortunate to be on the stand opposite them.
Chris came along to support Louise and in his own words he her cheerleader for the day as she took part in the Expo and she was amazing. Louise is a 2x Paralympian who is now a commentator at Wimbledon, an athlete mentor and so much more and the career she is building for herself is brilliant.
I know just from speaking to Louise and hearing how passionate she is that she is going to go far in her career. I look forward to seeing her again in June at the Great British Expos in Twickenham
Paul Day
Management at Filestream

Engaging Young Minds: Louise’s Personal and Adaptable Approach to Storytelling

Louise shared her personal story with our students in an accessible and entertaining way. Her relaxed and friendly approach made it an enjoyable experience for all involved. She was extremely open with addressing questions and making the experience a two-way conversation, adapting her approach and content to suit the diverse range of young people in our school.
Natalie Dyer
Frank Wise School

Wow!! Louise totally blew me away today! I went to see her speak at the South West Business Expo had heard of her but I was absolutely glued to every word she spoke. She really inspired me, not just with her story but her delivery and her confidence. What an amazing lady. I am truly grateful to have heard her story.
I can’t wait to get her on the Mad About Money Podcast! She will be an amazing guest.

If you are looking for an inspiring public speaker. Louise is your lady!
Maddy Alexander Grout

Guiding the Future: A Praise for Louise’s Mentorship and Inspirational Speaking

Louise is a very engaging speaker who really brings you into her story and mindset. It was interesting listening to all the challenges she has been able to overcome and how she is now mentoring and inspiring the next generation of young aspiring athletes and using her many talents to help motivate others. Would definitely recommend attending one of Louise’s events.
Yvonne Parker
YP Hypnotherapy

Resilience and Courage: Celebrating Louise Hunt Skelly’s Inspiring Paralympian Journey

Today I attended Louise Hunt Skelly’s talk and listened to her story delivered with humour and courage. She was engaging, inspiring and informative and really opened our eyes to her life as a Paralympian. With ample time for questions, unwavering honesty and without judgement, it was an eye opening, confident and discussing session, made even more encouraging with her comfort about disability. I highly recommend Louise, she is a treat to listen to as a motivational and inspirational speaker.
Fiona Da Silva-Adams
Founder & CEO, ‘Resolution Performing Arts’

Empowerment and Influence: A Tribute to Louise’s Inspirational Journey

I had the privilege of listening to a talk today by Louise about her hugely inspirational journey from being told she would not be able to achieve, to becoming one of the best Paralympians in the world. We often throw words around like ‘inspirational’, ‘engaging’, ‘wonderful’… Within this talk I witnessed the truth and dedication within those words. Not only did Louise have the determination and a positive attitude that made things happen, but that she has the reminded me of the power we each have to influence another’s mindset purely by the words we use. After the talk Louise was open and encouraging when answering questions, and walked with me to help find ways to make our own group more inclusive. Thank you Louise for opening my mind to the humanity and influence that lies within the words we choose and the difference we can make by communicating with compassion and an effort to understand.
Laura Barnes Co
Director of PR & A Rapport EJE

CIPD event – Building Bridges – Embracing Diversity in the workplace

Attending the CIPD event on 12th Oct Building Bridges – Embracing Diversity in the workplace, both Louise and Rachel were enthused and put the room at ease, on what can be a difficult conversation they created a safe place, remembering language is still being learnt and embedded. The session was approx 90 mins which was interactive and informative, whilst bringing real examples and case studies enabling relevant learning and cultural experiences and opinions. A great session delivered, well done ladies! Highly recommended and will be putting your names forward for some areas where we would benefit session within our own business and for our members organisations.
Kerry Wilson

Great Western Hospital

Working with Louise has helped us at Great Western Hospital to consider the needs of wheelchair users as we develop our new Emergency Department, informing design and layout and as well as approaching to delivering care. Louise is engaging, honest and passionate in giving insight into the experiences of wheelchair users, and has helped enhance my own perspective to be able to have greater consideration of the barriers and challenges that exist for this group.it was a pleasure to work with Louise and her input into our project has directly influenced the decisions we have to hopefully provide both a better environment and service for wheelchair users.
Natalie Lawrence

Wow! The privilege was all ours! Thank you @LouiseHunt1 again for inspiring us, we hope you will come back again soon and help us continue to improve and deliver outstanding care.
Luisa Goddard

I loved hearing your journey – the Olympics was always a dream of mine as a teenager – next time someone tells me no – I am gonna use that to spur me on.
Rachelle Palmer

Louise you were brilliant! Truly inspiring, thank you for coming to speak to us
Kim Grimmer

It was such a pleasure to listen to your story @LouiseHunt1. You’re hilarious btw. And a local girl, too

I was lucky enough to hear Louise deliver a keynote speech at The Great British Expo in Twickenham last week.
The talk was insightful, funny, educational and motivating.
If you are looking for anyone to deliver an uplifting message around moving past limitations in a way that your audience will love then Louise is your person.
Would highly recommend
Tracey Baum

Louise came to talk to young people with a range of backgrounds about how, no matter where you come from, you can achieve the goals you set yourself. That proving people
wrong, when you know you can reach far beyond the bar set by them, is an acceptable thing to do, and that you make a family for yourself, by those you choose to surround
yourself with. Louise’s session was fun, engaging and it allowed the young people to believe in themselves, no matter where they currently are. Louise’s story was truly outstanding and Louise’s hard work and dedication was inspiring to all who attended.
Inner Flame

I was fortunate enough to listen to Louise speak at the Great British Expo in Bristol.
Louise told her story so beautifully sharing her journey to two Paralympic games, and beyond.
Louise is engaging and funny, her words are inspiring and thought- provoking. She is a brilliant speaker and also a warm and approachable person, happy to chat and answer any questions.
Carly Cannings
Founder Of the Happy Business School

Thames Valley Business Expo

I was fortunate to catch Louise’s Keynote at the Thames Valley Business Expo. Even when feeling under the weather Louise was full of energy and extremely engaging with the audience. Many disabled led stories are in a negative voice but this was the complete opposite. I’d highly anyone looking for an inspirational and engaging speaker to reach out ot Louise!
Leighton Morris

You have made a huge impact on everyone you have mentored at the school games, being so approachable and caring. I hate saying sports people are inspirational because they It play a sport, but I truly think you inspire people by being an amazing human